Keep Healthy Tips Even While You Are Sitting Long in the Office

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Often office workers spend long hours working all day in front of a computer screen. In fact, these conditions can cause neck pain, backache, backache, until the eyes are sore from too long staring at the computer screen. Not only that, this habit is also associated with more serious conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Are there any healthy tips to avoid those threats?

The good news, you still can do the daily activities but still have a healthy body, fit, and avoid various health problems. Do some of these tips to keep your body fit.

What happens if you sit too much?

Through a study published in the journal BMC Medicine, a team of researchers led by Carlos Celis-Morales of Glasgow University, Scotland, analyzed data from nearly 400,000 middle-aged residents in the UK. They studied the physical activity of the respondents, especially the intensity of sitting.

To get a more objective measure, the researchers also conducted a grip strength test, asking participants to squeeze special devices to measure their muscle strength, as well as fitness tests with an ergometer.

While professional fitness testing takes time and cost, the so-called handle power is useful. The test is able to measure overall muscle strength and can be done quickly and easily by most of the study participants.

From here, results were found that people with the weakest grasp had 31 percent greater risk to die within the next five years, at every two hours of time they spent sitting.

In contrast to those with the strongest grasp, they are more likely to be healthy. Even so, these people also have the same risks as above, but 10 percent lower. The disease that closely lurks is the heart and cancer.

Stay active by performing various physical activities

Basically, for every two hours a person spends time sitting in front of a TV or computer, the risk of dying from anything will be twice as high as the person who keeps moving. The weaker the handheld, the greater the risk of diseases that lurk.

The good news is, grip strength can be improved with weight training and a moderate increase in physical activity and fitness. This was conveyed by Celis-Morales as chair of the study.

“Sitting too long because watching television and using a computer may not be a problem if you are fit and physically active, the more often the body is moved, the less the disease can attack,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to dr. Nadia Octavia from KlikDokter, you have to do a number of ways to stay active even when working in the office. Use the ladder instead of the elevator, and try to go to the coworker’s desk every time to discuss-rather than via messenger.

“The job requires you to call many colleagues all day long? Try to do it while walking rather than sitting. Want to have lunch? Forget the office boy or leave the food. Go buy your own lunch, “dr. Nadia advocated.

If the type of work requires you to sit long staring at the computer screen, do not immediately discouraged. You can still be healthy and avoid health problems, by doing healthy tips mentioned above. Do not forget to eat healthy and balanced nutritious foods, consumption of healthy snacks such as fruits, as well as enough water to avoid dehydration.

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